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Simple Supper Club

Gourmet Cuisine - Catering - Local Sustainable Catering- Personal Chef, Mary Wills - Cleveland, Ohio | The Good Fork

Social Clubs, Underground Dining, The Anti-Restaurant, The Good Forks Simple Supper Club. Our simple farm food, paired with some of the most casual and relaxed atmospheres in these parts will have you thinking twice about booking a reservation at a restaurant. Wine served in ball jars, local food served family style in clay pots, everyone gathered around rustic wooden tables, meeting new faces, reconnecting with old friends, doesn't get better than this!

Relish trays are for the birds... when our Supper Club meets on the farm we will use the vegetables they have worked so hard to grow for us and have a better understanding and appreciation of where our food comes from!

August 21st at Mayfield Road Creamery - Menu: "Celebration of The Eggplant" (Closed)

Eggplant Rollatini with Whole Milk Ricotta, Tomato Confit, Cured Black Olives, Pickled Red Onions, Red Pepper Flakes

Three Bean Salad with Sweet Corn, Fennel Fronds, Pancetta (Red Basket Farm)

Curried Couscous with Grilled White Eggplant

Seared Local Duck with Eggplant Marmalade (Plumcreek Farm)

Local Corn Fritters with Rosemary Syrup

Golden Sage and Buttermilk Biscuits with Pepper and Honey Butter (Hartzler Dairy)

Ohio Sweetcorn Semifreddo with Candied Peanuts and a Sea Salt Chocolate Ganache

Mayfield Road Creamery Cheese Board - Havarti, 1yr Aged Gouda, Brie

Wine from Laurello Vineyards and Winery

August 28th at Sage's Apples in Chardon - Menu: "The Harvest at Sage's" (Closed)

Sweet Corn Vichyssoise

Smoked Tomato and Black Quinoa Salad with Parsley and Chili Oil

Fresh Corn Salad

Great Lakes Beer Braised Beans

Beer Cornbread with Peach Butter (Hartzler)

Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Wild Garlic and Chimichurri, Greens (Miller Livestock)

Juicy Peach and Champagne Semifreddo

Grilled Apple Pie with Fried Sage

Wine from Laleure Vineyards

There is a $25 per ticket cancellation fee as long as you cancel 7 days prior to the event.  7 days prior to the event we are unable to refund any of the ticket purchase price.